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NewMediator 84 – Who You Gonna CALL?

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In this episode we talk about the Gallery 1988 show at the 69 Gallery in New York and my upcoming artists talk at the Transformations Gallery at the Old Franklin School House.

I will be doing an artist event or what they call an Open Invitation Sundays at the Transformations Gallery June 1st at 4-6pm.

Gallery1988 –
Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Artshow –
Gallery 69 –
Transformations Gallery -

NewMediator 77: Vine v. Instagram


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In this episode we discuss the Vine versus Instagram Video fight. We talk about the differences between the two services, why that matters, and how artists are using them. You should definitely follow ShyGuyTim.

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We also talked about the current show at Freight and Volume with Michael Scoggins, William Powhida, and Loren Munk. Check out that show on their website here.

NewMediator 75 Asbury Park ComicCon ’13

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In this episode we discuss the Asbury Park Comic Con and using Garage Band on the iPad in iOs.

Thank You Hennessy Youngman

Hennessy Youngman/Jason Musson

Hennessy Youngman/Jayson Musson

For his show at Maurizio Cattelan and Massimiliano Gioni’s Family Business Gallery, Hennessy Youngman (Jayson Scott Musson) created an open call for artists to come and install their own work. It was Musson’s intent to recreate the Internet in gallery form. Eventually his call was successful that Family Business Gallery had to close the show to pieces of artwork.

Of course they closed the open call as I was driving into Manhattan with my toddler in the back seat. I balanced one of my pieces on the top of her stroller, and the other I stuffed in the diaper bag. It was only when we got to the closed security gate when I realized what had happened. If I had a smart phone I may have turned around.

I don’t believe in miracles, but by some miracle I got us and my work to the city with little tears. So at this point I decided that the most punk rock thing I could do at this point was just to leave my work with some of the other pieces left outside the locked gate. I was disappointed because I wanted to bring my work earlier in the week, but I wasn’t upset. I’ve curated a hand full of shows so I could only imagine the craziness Musson was having to deal with. I was so happy that the kid didn’t have a meltdown that I was going to count the whole thing as a win.

I chit chatted with a few artists, some of whom had traveled from Georgia to try to get their work in the show. I taped my entry form to my work and jammed it behind a sculpture someone else had left, and I went to buy my little trooper a cookie. I couldn’t even try to be mad about not having my piece it, because I knew leaving it was risky and I was just thankful that Family Business Gallery and Musson opened up the gallery space to the whole community. Very few galleries except submissions from unknown artists, and they were taking in actual work hand over fist.

When pictures of the show on Arrested Motion and Family Business Gallery Facebook page I scanned them closely for signs of my work. I didn’t see anything so when I got an form email about picking up my work, I just told the Pharaoh Hennessy to throw my work out if he found it. I couldn’t make it back into the city mid-week. In my mind I already claimed victory for my original trek in. I was totally happy with the experience.

It wasn’t until I read the New York Magazine article (15. Pretend You’re an Outsider Even When You’re at the Center of Everything) that I realized I had gotten the whole story twisted. I had missed a huge detail. Look closely at the image to the left and you can see a zoomed in version of the photo from New York Magazine.

As I looked at the shot of the front window I could see my piece jammed up against the bottom half of the door. Not only had I gotten my work, myself, and a baby to the city, but I had successfully gotten in the show.

I looks like it was balled up and jammed into the bottom half of the door. I must have looked totally crazy when I started laughing in the magazine section of the library, but I was really excited. Although I still wish I had a chance to meet Jason Musson and ask him some questions, I’m pretty thankful about the whole thing.


An Artist’s guide to pintrest.

I usually try to steer away from talking about social media. However if you are looking to reach a wide audience looking for visually striking content, you need to take a look at Pinterest. Pinterest is becoming one of the most widely used sites on the web. It is quickly handling as much traffic as Facebook twitter.

If you are wary of spreading images of your work on the web for free, then this isn't for you. Personally I think obscurity is more of a problem then copyright theft. My artwork is a physical thing, so if someone wants to download a photo I don't see it as theft. My work is still hanging on the wall and downloads are only going to bring buyers to me.
What makes it ideal to reach a new audience is that Pinterest is built around photo and inspiration sharing. Pinterest is built to be a sort of aspirational pinboard where you share things you find online with your friends. It is also visually simple and built like a really nice photo gallery.
It is easy to add images from your website or your hard drive and allow others to comment and share images of your work.

If you are an artist and would like us to feature your Pinterest account or boards, leave a comment at the bottom of this post!

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UPDATE – Dino Eli Found


In turns out that Dino is alive and well in NY. I should have realized that Dino Eli actually never went missing. I’m glad that Dino is okay and that he is addressing his own personal demon.  From what I gather Dino skipped out to try to drum up some buzz and to take a break from the stress of the gallery. He is trying to handle his personal issues and get back to work.

I was definitely annoyed when I found out I was worried about nothing, but now I’m just concerned about my friend. I’m just trying to pretend he was doing some kind of Vito Acconci impression. I hope he gets what he needs.

From Dino’s facebook Status:

hello everyone this is dino eli of the orchard windows and dino eli galleries I dont know where to begin except from the start This is not easy for me but it is long over due for the truth not only to all of you but to myself The last 14 mos of my life has been the closest experience ill probably ever get in my life that im so proud of the closest to all my dreams ever coming true maybe just maybe i still have a chance or maybe not or maybe im stalling my only excuse the pressure of running both galleries alone and the threat of losing the orchard windows im working everyday every single day the constant shows the expenses anyway i think you get it its too much for one man i knew i was headed for a nervous breakdown so i began to escape my problems by using drugs. i was never at the hospital during nancy oliveris show i missed 3 days of elom bowmans show the last and worse incident i myself cannot believe ive been in a cloud of drugs and alcohol and denial there was no escape and when it cleared too late oh god all those artist what is today what i did it again and in my mind at the time there was only one way out you see ive been very depressed more then ever i lost hope the Jerry saltz thing destroyed me emotionally i binged i died i thought lets come up with a plan and maybe get some press out of it and i still can but i no longer want it i want to own up to the truth finally the truth no more lies no more trying to escape no more fear of losing your galleries dino please forgive me nancy oliveri mr oliveri elom bowman jerry salt