Death and Art

This episode focuses on some recent art doings, I would say news, but I think that implies to much credibility. I spent some time at the B. Beamesderfer Gallery for the opening of Marsha Goldberg’s new show. All but one of the pieces are part of a new drawing series.
The work focuses more on the act of writing her own kind of lost language. The work is more intimate than the paintings I’ve seen at Alfa Art Gallery. I even had a chance for a short chat with Marsha herself. You should all take a chance to go see this work for yourselves.
Death and Art:
Also in this episode we discuss the death of the Painter of Light, Thomas Kinkade and the final days of gallery and nonprofit Exit Art. Though these two things occupy totally different parts of the art world they are both on my mind. I do want to warn you that I worked at and interned at Exit Art so I am biased.

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