Announcing The NewMediator “Mixtape”

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Our newest art show isn’t going to be an art show at all. The next project is going to be a sound art Mixtape (that link will send you over to our Kickstarter page). Instead of gathering work in a single gallery space we are going to bring the art show to you the “viewer”. Each of the artists is going to or has created a piece of sound art for the show that will be part of our Mixtape.


You can listen to each of the pieces in their entirety on our Bandcamp page. If you like what you hear and you want to support the artists and me, then you can donate what you can to our Kickstarter. Our kickstarter is going to fund the production of the physical CD and cover artwork. Any funds left over will be given to the artists.

About this project is a podcast that discusses art and emerging artists, using new media to reach a wider audience and to showcase the work of diverse artists in order to create and foster a greater artistic community. One of the goals of is to collaborate with talented artists to show their work to a wider audience, and to serve as a model for other artists and artist communities to harness the power of new media to do so as well.

This spring we are going to host our third independent group show virtually and we need YOUR help!

I’ve already done a few gallery shows, but I thought I would create a sound art show that exists on CDs and Mp3s. My goal is to create a group show without having to have a gallery venue and split the money with the artists.

You can preview the tracks on our Bandcamp Page –

The Mix-Tape will include music/sound/art/collages by:

Tom Mantzouranis (
Michael Flannery (
Phillip J. Mellen &Victor DaSilva (
Bronwyn Carlton
Josh Freda (
David LaMorte ( & NewMediator)

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