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For our next project NewMediator.org is still using new media to reach a wider audience and to showcase the work of diverse artists in order to create and foster a greater artistic community. This Summer we are going to host our third independent group show virtually and we need YOUR help!

I’ve already done a few gallery shows, but I thought I would create a sound art show that exists on CDs and Mp3s. My goal is to create a group show without having to have a gallery venue and split the money with the artists.

You can preview or Kickstarter (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/davidlamorte/newmediator-mixtape) the tracks on our Bandcamp Page – newmediator.bandcamp.com

The NewMediator.org Mix-Tape will include music/sound/art/collages by:

Tom Mantzouranis (tommantzouranis.com)
Michael Flannery (mrflannery.bandcamp.com)
Phillip J. Mellen &Victor DiSilva (http://h-o-b.bandcamp.com/)
Bronwyn Carlton
Josh Freda (soundcloud.com/joshfreda)

David LaMorte (davidlamorte.com & newmediator.org)

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