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2012 Fountain Art Fair and Volta NY (Enhanced)

This Episode we talk about the 2012 Fountain Art Fair and Volta NY. Two different art fairs with two different feels. (Enhanced Podcast)

Don Porcella at Big Deal Arts - DonPorcella.com @FFDG
Christine Wagner at Solos Project HouseSolosProjectHouse.com and  ChristineWagner.com
Matthew Mahler, Julie Torres, and Ken Kocses at Bushwick Gallery BushwickGallery.com
Sergio Coyote
Michael X. Rose

Matt Rich at Samson – samsonprojects.com
Mark Khaisman at Pentimenti Gallery – pentimenti.com
Jens Schubert at Galerie Kleidienst – GalerieKleidienst.de
Andres Johansson at Galleri Flach
Ed Pien -
Kerstin Drechsel at Vane - http://vane.org.uk


Third Place!

In this episode we talk about my third place finish in the 2012 Buck Art Contest in Highland Park, NJ.

{Enhanced Podcast}


I won a bagel date for two to Ruthie’s in Highland Park!


My belt project won third place overall. My goal was to get the winners to wear the belt, but I didn’t want to twist anyone’s arm at the show. I’m happy it one, but I almost threw this piece out before the show. I was most proud of my Nyan Cat project bellow.  The Nyan Cat is about 7 feet long and 4 feet high, made entirely of small paper notes and glue I bought at the local dollar store.

Both projects cost me about $5 in material costs.