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NewMediator 91 Junebug 2015

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I’ll be exhibiting work for the last week of the Junebug Artfest. I’ll be handing out flyers and selling work, trying to make the most of the last night of the show. Want to help me promote my booth at the Artfest, check out one of my flyers

I made flyers for the last night of the Junebug Artfest. Now you can have one too! Download the PDF of my flyer here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/19fhWgGENQFggdlg0K2Dq-6KHtiRcEyNvQx-pN0mLh6E/edit?usp=sharing

NewMediator 81: Crazy for Christmas

On today’s episode (http://archive.org/download/CrazyForChristmas/Crazy%20for%20Christmas.m4a)we talk about Gallery 1988′s pop up show in NY and my show at the LITM Gallery in Jersey City. The work at the Gallery 1988 show blew my mind and made me want to jump into the studio to keep up with what I was seeing. The Gallery 1988 show was also the book launch for Crazy 4 Cult 2.

2012 Fountain Art Fair and Volta NY (Enhanced)

This Episode we talk about the 2012 Fountain Art Fair and Volta NY. Two different art fairs with two different feels. (Enhanced Podcast)

Don Porcella at Big Deal Arts - DonPorcella.com @FFDG
Christine Wagner at Solos Project HouseSolosProjectHouse.com and  ChristineWagner.com
Matthew Mahler, Julie Torres, and Ken Kocses at Bushwick Gallery BushwickGallery.com
Sergio Coyote
Michael X. Rose

Matt Rich at Samson – samsonprojects.com
Mark Khaisman at Pentimenti Gallery – pentimenti.com
Jens Schubert at Galerie Kleidienst – GalerieKleidienst.de
Andres Johansson at Galleri Flach
Ed Pien -
Kerstin Drechsel at Vane - http://vane.org.uk


Third Place!

In this episode we talk about my third place finish in the 2012 Buck Art Contest in Highland Park, NJ.

{Enhanced Podcast}


I won a bagel date for two to Ruthie’s in Highland Park!


My belt project won third place overall. My goal was to get the winners to wear the belt, but I didn’t want to twist anyone’s arm at the show. I’m happy it one, but I almost threw this piece out before the show. I was most proud of my Nyan Cat project bellow.  The Nyan Cat is about 7 feet long and 4 feet high, made entirely of small paper notes and glue I bought at the local dollar store.

Both projects cost me about $5 in material costs.



Public Displays of Affection

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Public Displays of Affection:
Jeffrey Augustine Songco
January 7 – Feb 18, 2012

Jeffrey Augustine Songco risks being accused of massive over-sharing with his first solo exhibition, Public Displays of Affection. Displaying extraordinary powers of negative capability, Songco constructs a world in which his two great passions, Queerdom and the Catholic Church, not only peacefully coexist but thrive on each other. Songco constructs his art from objects and images that go both ways, as it were, such as Peace Poles, spears of wood with uplifting slogans that began to show up in the yards of liberal churches in the 1980s.

Buck Art Competition:
SUNDAY, March 4th, Highland Park Artists Collective sponsors 4th Annual “BUCK ART” Competition: spend up to $10 @ Highland Park store “The Buck Stops Here” (excl. tax), create a MASTERPIECE of artwork, win $$ awards!! Pick up application entry (app. deadline 2/25) in HP @ Buck Stops Here, HP Library, White Lotus, Main Street, Through the Moongate. Bring up to THREE entries to White Lotus on 3/4, 12 Noon, judging @ 2-3pm (need not be present for awards, but you’d be missing the fun!)

The Sketchbook Project:

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Thunk Tank Afterward

Today we are going to talk about the opening of the now closed Thunk Tank: Corpus Absurdum show at the Dino Eli Gallery and Jeffrey Songco’s upcoming solo show at Steven Wolf Fine Arts in San Francisco.{Click to Play}

Jeff Songco who is a friend of NewMediator and one of the artists in our first group show, is having his first solo show!  The show will be at Steven Wolf Fine Arts in San Francisco, January 7 to February 18. The work is going to deal with issues of sexuality and Jeff’s own sexual identity. The description of the show on the gallery’s sight discusses the imagery of the work. Of course what I love about Jeff’s work is how everything is intimate and even delicate.

Public Displays of Affection
Jeffrey Augustine Songco
January 7 – Feb 18, 2012

In more local news, we had an amazing opening for the Thunk Tank photography show. If you haven’t been following this was the first showing of photography by Bronwyn Carlton and Jay Bachhuber and David LaMorte was their guest curator for the show at the Dino Eli Gallery in Manhattan. They photographers are the hosts of one of my favorite radio shows and podcasts, and I came on board to help them organize and prepare for the show.

All of the proceeds of the work went to pay Dino’s costs, and to WFMU in Jersey City. The show was a big success because we sold a bunch of photographs and had about 200 people at the show. The Dino Eli Gallery is not a huge space, so we had a lot of art lovers and WFMU listeners spilling out onto the sidewalks.

WFMU Jersey City, NJ

Dino Eli Gallery, NY
Jeffrey Songco’s First Solo Show in San Francisco