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UPDATE – Dino Eli Found


In turns out that Dino is alive and well in NY. I should have realized that Dino Eli actually never went missing. I’m glad that Dino is okay and that he is addressing his own personal demon.  From what I gather Dino skipped out to try to drum up some buzz and to take a break from the stress of the gallery. He is trying to handle his personal issues and get back to work.

I was definitely annoyed when I found out I was worried about nothing, but now I’m just concerned about my friend. I’m just trying to pretend he was doing some kind of Vito Acconci impression. I hope he gets what he needs.

From Dino’s facebook Status:

hello everyone this is dino eli of the orchard windows and dino eli galleries I dont know where to begin except from the start This is not easy for me but it is long over due for the truth not only to all of you but to myself The last 14 mos of my life has been the closest experience ill probably ever get in my life that im so proud of the closest to all my dreams ever coming true maybe just maybe i still have a chance or maybe not or maybe im stalling my only excuse the pressure of running both galleries alone and the threat of losing the orchard windows im working everyday every single day the constant shows the expenses anyway i think you get it its too much for one man i knew i was headed for a nervous breakdown so i began to escape my problems by using drugs. i was never at the hospital during nancy oliveris show i missed 3 days of elom bowmans show the last and worse incident i myself cannot believe ive been in a cloud of drugs and alcohol and denial there was no escape and when it cleared too late oh god all those artist what is today what i did it again and in my mind at the time there was only one way out you see ive been very depressed more then ever i lost hope the Jerry saltz thing destroyed me emotionally i binged i died i thought lets come up with a plan and maybe get some press out of it and i still can but i no longer want it i want to own up to the truth finally the truth no more lies no more trying to escape no more fear of losing your galleries dino please forgive me nancy oliveri mr oliveri elom bowman jerry salt

Dino Eli is Missing


According to reports on Facebook, gallerist Dino Eli of the Dino Eli Gallery and the Orchard Windows Gallery has been out of contact with his family and friends for about a week. He was last seeen on December 23, 2011. For any more info or to provide your own information please visit the links bellow.

His Nephew’s Facebook page.

Dino Eli’s Facebook Page.

The blog of Artist Terry Ward.


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Thunk Tank Afterward

Today we are going to talk about the opening of the now closed Thunk Tank: Corpus Absurdum show at the Dino Eli Gallery and Jeffrey Songco’s upcoming solo show at Steven Wolf Fine Arts in San Francisco.{Click to Play}

Jeff Songco who is a friend of NewMediator and one of the artists in our first group show, is having his first solo show!  The show will be at Steven Wolf Fine Arts in San Francisco, January 7 to February 18. The work is going to deal with issues of sexuality and Jeff’s own sexual identity. The description of the show on the gallery’s sight discusses the imagery of the work. Of course what I love about Jeff’s work is how everything is intimate and even delicate.

Public Displays of Affection
Jeffrey Augustine Songco
January 7 – Feb 18, 2012

In more local news, we had an amazing opening for the Thunk Tank photography show. If you haven’t been following this was the first showing of photography by Bronwyn Carlton and Jay Bachhuber and David LaMorte was their guest curator for the show at the Dino Eli Gallery in Manhattan. They photographers are the hosts of one of my favorite radio shows and podcasts, and I came on board to help them organize and prepare for the show.

All of the proceeds of the work went to pay Dino’s costs, and to WFMU in Jersey City. The show was a big success because we sold a bunch of photographs and had about 200 people at the show. The Dino Eli Gallery is not a huge space, so we had a lot of art lovers and WFMU listeners spilling out onto the sidewalks.

WFMU Jersey City, NJ

Dino Eli Gallery, NY
Jeffrey Songco’s First Solo Show in San Francisco

Dino Eli Gallery

Still preparing for the Thunk Tank Art Show.

Saturday, Dec. 3 from 6-9 PM

This episode we discuss the upcoming artshow Thunk Tank: Corpus Absurdum and my experiments with Etsy. Thunk Tank: Corpus Absurdum opens Saturday December 3rd from 6-9pm at the Dino Eli Gallery.

I included an exerpt from Thunk Tank of an interview with the owner and curator at the Dino Eli Gallery, Dino Eli.

It was a great interview, and I’m even more excited to be part of the show. Later on Thunk Tank I was informed by Bronwyn that Dino wanted me to be listed as the “guest curator”. So when ever you hear me say curator, say to yourself “guest curator”.

I also talked about my experiments with Etsy. I talk about how I am using etsy promotions, Twitter, and facebook to promote my artwork.