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2012 Fountain Art Fair and Volta NY (Enhanced)

This Episode we talk about the 2012 Fountain Art Fair and Volta NY. Two different art fairs with two different feels. (Enhanced Podcast)

Don Porcella at Big Deal Arts - DonPorcella.com @FFDG
Christine Wagner at Solos Project HouseSolosProjectHouse.com and  ChristineWagner.com
Matthew Mahler, Julie Torres, and Ken Kocses at Bushwick Gallery BushwickGallery.com
Sergio Coyote
Michael X. Rose

Matt Rich at Samson – samsonprojects.com
Mark Khaisman at Pentimenti Gallery – pentimenti.com
Jens Schubert at Galerie Kleidienst – GalerieKleidienst.de
Andres Johansson at Galleri Flach
Ed Pien -
Kerstin Drechsel at Vane - http://vane.org.uk



VOLTA NY via http://www.glenwoodnyc.com

The Armory Art Week has started and I’m going to be heading into the city for the Armory show and the VOLTA Art Fair. I won two tickets to the fair from Company (via WelcomeToCompany.com) the social network and community of art collectors.

I’m going to bring my recorder to review the work and possibly record some interviews. If you are going to be hitting the art fairs this Saturday feel free to email me at davelamorte@gmail.com or leave me a message on my google phone number +1-973-404-0606.
I’m not sure who my +1 is going to be for Saturday because of some schedule and work conflicts. If you want to go to the fair on Saturday message me because I may still have an available ticket.